Berry Berry Lassi Recipe


Lassi is a popular traditional yogurt-based drink from the Indian Subcontinent originating from the Punjab region. It is a blend of yogurt, water, spices and sometimes, fruit. It soothes the digestive tract, promotes digestive enzymes and aids in digestion. Perfect for a summer day, our Berry Berry Lassi is a refreshing drink and full of antioxidants thanks to the flavonoid rich berries.

Dark, colorful fruits and berries are staples in an Alkaline Way diet. Biodynamic or organic, locally grown, and vine-ripened are recommended whenever available.


1 heaping cup berries (organic or biodynamic recommended), washed
½ cup spring water or third aquifer well water
2 tbsp evaporated whole cane juice or raw honey (if more active)
1 cup natural yogurt and/or 2 capsules PERQUE Digesta Guard Forté
½ tsp lime or lemon juice
2 mint leaves

In a blender or food processor, blend all of the ingredients to a puree. Add optional items to suit your tastes and energy needs. If you want lassi with a superfine texture, strain the mixture through a coarse sieve.



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