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What’s the best way to test for mold?

In today’s video, Dr. Jaffe discusses how to test for mold, how to maintain a healthy environment with good air quality, and how different environmental factors can affect room humidity levels. Watch here to learn more!

Stress, Inflammation, and Autoimmune Disease

March is autoimmune disease awareness month. More than 50 million Americans suffer from one or more of the 100+ named autoimmune diseases, with 75% of those afflicted being women. Since 1 in 5 Americans are afflicted, President Biden recently signed legislation that included the establishment of an Office of Autoimmune Disease Research as part of

Comforting Squash Soup Recipe

Ingredients (all organic/biodynamic): Vegetables/fruit – all roughly chopped 1 medium onion 1 small butternut squash, de-seeded 2 medium carrots 4-5 ribs celery ½ apple Herbs & Spices ½ c. fresh basil 1 tsp. cumin powder 1-2 cloves 1-2 whole peppercorns 1 bay leaf ½ whole dried cayenne pepper (optional) Celtic Sea salt to taste Water

The best ways to boost your immune system

Dr. Russell Jaffe discusses ways to boost your immune system, including eating only foods that you can digest, assimilate, and eliminate without immune burden, what the LRA tests are and what they measure, and how to renew your body in just 72 minutes a day.

Can Osteopenia be reversed?

In today’s video, Dr. Russell Jaffe explains what osteopenia is, how to approach it when diagnosed, and what minerals to focus on incorporating into your diet using Nature’s Alkaline Way and Nature’s pHarmacy. Watch here to learn more!

Heart-Healthy Fruit & Nut Clusters Recipe

This sugar-free bark combines antioxidant-rich unsweetened chocolate with a variety of heart-healthy fruits and nuts to create a bittersweet treat for Valentine’s Day or any day. Ingredients (all organic/biodynamic) 16-20 oz. unsweetened dark chocolate ½ c. frozen blueberries ½ c. frozen strawberries ½ c. walnut or almonds ½  c. chopped pistachios 1 tsp. hemp seeds 7 

Best Foods for Heart Health

American Heart Month was designated in December 1963 by President Lyndon B. Johnson to bring awareness to cardiovascular diseases in the United States (US). It was first celebrated in February 1964, and the tradition has continued every year since. Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death, accounting for one in every four deaths in