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Isopropyl Ether and Propane Grills

On this episode of “Ask Dr. J”, a customer writes in and states that their patient’s LRA test showed a strong reaction to Isopropyl ether which is known to be derived from propane. The customer goes on to ask if this means their patients should avoid using a propane grill. Tune in to hear what

Men’s Health Supplement Recommendation

On this episode of “Ask Dr. J”, a viewer writes in on behalf of a “friend” that has just turned 30, is interested in men’s health yet doesn’t quite have that 18-year-old drive anymore. Is there a supplement that can help? Does Dr. Russell Jaffe have some suggestions? Tune in to hear what Dr. J

Kale Salad Recipe

By Melissa Crispell Kale! They put that stuff on everything. Serves 4 Salad: 4 C. roughly chopped Kale 4 radishes sliced thin ½ Medium red onion sliced thin ¼ C. Pepitas ¼ C. Cotija (goat cheese or feta cheese will also work well) 1 avocado sliced Pinch of Celtic sea salt (or other mineral rich salt)

Patient Psychology of False Positive Reactive Items

On this episode of “Ask Dr. J”, a practitioner writes in and asks Dr. Russell Jaffe a multitiered question regarding the psychology of patients who receive false positive reactive items on tests of delayed immune response. Tune in to hear what Dr. J has to say!

January is Hot Tea Month… yes. Really.

Once you get past the thought, “does everything have a month devoted to it,” it’s obvious that Jan is the PERFECT month to celebrate hot tea. What’s better to curl up with on a cold dreary January day than a soothing cup of tea? Nothing! If you follow The Alkaline Way, or have ever heard

Facebook LIVE: Holidays or Holi-daze?

Melissa Crispell is back and ready to give some tips and tricks on how to stay sharp and energized during the holiday season. Let’s face it, we could all use a little more of both of those things, right? Tune in and find out! 

Dangerously Low Platelet Levels and Supplementation

On this episode of “Ask Dr. J”, an employee of a customer writes in to discuss a family member who is dealing with dangerously low platelet levels according to their doctor. The doctor also goes on to tell the family member that supplements won’t help and to stop taking them. Wait…what?? Tune in to hear