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Take the Omega-3 Home Blood Test. It’s Easy

Steve Lankford from the Health Quest Podcast interviewed Dr. Russell Jaffe. The following story is from Health Quest Podcast’s website. I am very fond of this blood test. My wife and I have each tested several times. It is my personal opinion that the omega-3/6 balance is critical to understanding and normalizing inflammation. If you

Silicone Allergy: Get Tested Before Breast Implant Surgery

Are you thinking about getting silicone breast implants? Before you do, you want to checked to see if you have a silicone allergy or, more specifically, a silicone hypersensitivity to determine if the surgery is going to have an affect on you. Our silicone hypersensitivity tests check for sensitivities to silicone rather than silicone levels

Lettuce Allergy: Symptoms, Lettuce Alternative Recipes & More

Lettuce is a staple food for vegetarians, gluten intolerants, and health nuts alike. But what if you have a lettuce allergy? That’s right, a lettuce allergy. Lettuce isn’t a common food allergy, but it can be very serious. It’s unclear just how many people around the world have the allergy, but it’s something that should

Egg Intolerance: Symptoms, Egg Substitutions, Get Tested & More

Living with an egg intolerance can be very challenging because of the many common egg-containing foods that many of us eat on a daily basis. To make it even more difficult, eggs can be listed on product packaging under different names. It can be a very frustrating intolerance to live with! Here is some information

Understanding Hemoglobin A1c as a predictive blood test

If you have blood sugar issues then you are likely to be familiar with the Hgb A1c blood test. Did you know that the higher your Hgb A1c, the lower your odds of living for another 10 years? Higher A1c values are predictive of future health challenges and even longevity. In this interview, Dr. Russell Jaffe

Ghee Recipe

Ghee has a variety of health and cooking benefits and is good for the mind and spirit. Here is our Ghee recipe: Place a pound of organic unsalted butter in a heavy saucepan. Allow the butter to melt either on top of the stove or in the oven. Note: It is possible to make ghee