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What You Need to Know about the Coronavirus

Dr. Russell Jaffe is here to put your mind at ease and talk to you a little more about the thing most people are starting to panic over: the Coronavirus! Come take a look as Dr. Jaffe gives you some top rated tips and tricks for a robust immune system.  Click here for the

Strength Training For Weight Loss

This blog post first appeared on Perfect Body Inc. Welcome back to The Science of Fat Loss Hints, Tricks, and Tips: Part 2 learn how to benefit from strength training for weight loss speeds up your metabolism and helps to sculpt your body. Being a holistic personal trainer and nutritionist in Los Angeles for the

Thermodynamic Thyroid And Weight Loss: Feel Fabulous In 2019 Part 1

This post was first seen on METABOLISM, THYROID AND WEIGHT LOSS This article is the first article of a ten-part series on Fat Loss and the best tips, and tricks to help Get You in Shape. This first article will focus on your body’s internal furnace, the thyroid. This vital gland is responsible for regulating your