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Am I Lack Toast and Tolerant? No, But You May Be Lactose Intolerant!

Am I Lack Toast and Tolerant? No, but you may very well be lactose intolerant! Lactose intolerance is the inability to digest the sugar in milk, lactose. In the past couple years, people’s curiosity of lactose intolerance has steadily increased in the 2010’s and up to today (see Google Trends below). More people are searching

You can now test and measure your antioxidant status

Antioxidants are an interesting topic. Everyone seems to understand that antioxidants are important for good health. After that it all gets fuzzy. I admit that my own understanding of antioxidant function is limited. What actually is oxidative stress? What does the oxidative test measure? What are the differences between the many foods and supplement forms

Alkaline Food Chart

One of the seven principles of eating the Alkaline Way is to select predominately alkaline foods. If you are already in good health, we recommend eating at least 60% alkaline-forming foods. If your immune system is compromised or reacting to something or your health needs to be restored in any way, we suggest an 80%

HgbA1c: How to Lower A1c

Our customers have been wondering and asking how to lower a1c for a while now so we wanted to give a full write-up on how to do just that. Before we get into how to lower A1c level, we want to cover the test that checks your current levels. HgbA1c is the one marker (of