Green Light Therapy

Dr. Russell Jaffe recently spoke about Green Light Therapy (see video below) so we decided to write a blog post about it. Green Light Therapy is a simple process in which a specific wavelength of light is projected onto the skin. The light causes chemical reactions in the target area, which excite cells to increase cellular performance that in turn can regrow hair, eliminate acne, and rejuvenate skin. The key to light therapy is the wavelength of light, as different colors (wavelengths) produce different chemical reactions within the cells.

Photobiology is the study of the interactions of light with living organisms. During the day, certain brain rhythms are maintained by fluctuations of light intensity and spectrum. Recent research links mood changes to seasonal fluxes and rhythmic biological cycles that occur each day. A number of other studies suggest that seasonal depression (Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD) may be reduced by reduce by exposure to appropriate lighting sources.

Dichromatic Color lamps employ internal filters to produce a specific color by selectively transmitting only the desired wavelengths on light, with virtually no heart absorption. Standard colored lights do not use this principle and so do not have the same health benefits.



Starting With Green Light Therapy

  • Sit four to six feet from the face of a Dichromatic Color green light for 20 minutes, twice a day. Ideally, this is done in the morning and early evening. A socket-clamp light holder can facilitate positioning of the lamp. You need not look directly at the light.
  • While in position, you can simultaneously perform other activities such as deep breathing, relaxation, guided imagery, range of motion exercises, or reading. This action can facilitate deep brain structures and chemical pathways.
  • Several Dichromatic Color lights can be used simultaneously. It is best if these are the sole of illumination in the room.
  • If indicated by clinical experience, amber/yellow or blue Dichromatic Color lights can be arranged to shine on the back, chest, abdomen, or any other specific area of the body in need. The same position and time conditions apply.

This program is based on the early work of Edwin Babbitt, Dinsah Jadhiali, Faber Birren, Bhante Dharmawara, and recent studies by Norm Rosenthal and Al Lewy.

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