How to Heal Your Body the Alkaline Way

Dr. Russell Jaffe joined JJ Virgin to discuss How to Heal Your Body the Alkaline Way on the JJ Virgin Podcast. Here is the write-up from her show notes:

All About Acid-Alkaline Balance In the Body & Why It Matters 

A medical doctor and certified clinical nutritionist, Dr. Russell Jaffe also holds a Ph.D and is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards. In today’s podcast episode, he joins JJ to deep dive into a concept that JJ gets asked about often: acid-alkaline balance in the body. Listen as Dr. Jaffe explains what exactly acid-alkaline balance is and why it matters, including the negative health effects of being too acidic. Dr. Jaffe also shares the vital functions of magnesium and how to figure out how much magnesium you need, as well as the importance of dietary fiber and the top alkaline-forming foods you should be adding to your menu. Find out how to restore alkaline balance and boost your health by eating the Alkaline Way!   

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