LRA Delayed Allergy Test

Not feeling your best? Always catching what's going around? Know you should feel better, but not sure how?

There’s a good chance your body is reacting to foods you eat on a daily basis. Stop feeling sick!

Our LRA delayed allergy test, created by Russell M Jaffe, MD, Ph.D., CCN, is known for its reliability, reproducibility & accuracy of 97%+ and can help find out which foods are triggering your immune system.

Feeling sick but don't know why? Talk to our team now and get your health back on track


LRA testing is known for its reliability, reproducibility & accuracy of 97%+.

Practical Insights

Know what food/chemical items to avoid and info on alternative food components.


Test your delayed allergies and and receive results without ever leaving your home.

Why LRA?

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Receive an email as soon as the results are ready. Our highly decorated lab technicians will thoroughly explain your moderate, strong reactions and additional information to help you in your journey to regained health.


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