What is Omni Diet, Why It’s Useful, Dietary Restrictions & More

In this article, we will give insight about what you need to know about the Omni Diet. What is the Omni Diet? Where does it come from? Why is it useful?

In a world with various types of diets, it’s becoming difficult to know the one that will benefit your body most. The best thing is to separate the wheat from the chaff by having a great insight about the healthy diet practice known as the Omni diet.

The Omni Diet comes as one of such diets that might confuse people interested in healthy living. However, if you choose to consider the name “Omni,” this lifestyle choice might have its advantages. After all, the name means “everything” thus making a diet that permits most foods.

Omni Diet

What is the Omni Diet?

Omni Diet comes as a food plan which consists of “70% plant and 30% protein). The diet recommends users not to take dairy products. Instead, they are encouraged to consume foods that are organic, hormone free and will prevent inflammation. Overall, the Omni Diet aims to boost nutrition and reduce inflammation.

The foundation of this plan includes a program that lasts for six weeks with a primary principle measurement of 70/30, i.e., 70% plant and 30% protein.

As mentioned earlier, the diet has no dairy foods such as butter, cheese, and milk. Instead, it consists of foods without hormones and inflammatory effect.

When using the 70/30 formula for serving food, the size of the protein should not exceed the palm of your hand. Also, the protein should be lean meats without hormones or other chemicals. One of the sources of such meat comes from animals reared on open land and fed on grain and grass.

The Omni Diet also recommends you eat seafood and wild fish free from hormones and similar substances. It even offers protein powder as a dietary supplement.

With this food plan, alcohol consumption should be at a minimum especially if the beverage contains gluten. However, you can take two glasses of cocktails or wine in a week.

Where Does the Omni Diet Come From?

Tana Amen was the brain behind the Omni Diet. She came up with the idea to solve several conditions affecting her health with the ideal diet. The illnesses included digestive disorders, frequent infections, and cancer of the thyroid. She even suffered from heart disease and obesity.

After studying how food affects the body, she discovered that a plant-based food plan had the most benefits. Thus the Omni Diet was created.

Amen claims that weight loss serves as one of the results of this diet. Other benefits include healing various illnesses while enjoying tasty, wholesome food with enough nutrients for the body. According to her, these foods are called “Omni NutriPower Foods”.

Why is the Omni Diet Useful?

Having seen what makes up the Omni Diet, let’s look at the possible benefits of this food plan.

For one, it encourages healthy eating habits. If you are eating food filled with vitamins, minerals, and super foods, it’s similar to adding healthy supplements to your food. The diet also boosts your immune system, physical and mental strength as a result of the food involved. This scenario gives meaning to the saying “You are what you eat” as good food equals good health.

Another benefit comes from the fact it advises you to consume protein without ignoring carbs. Although Omni Diet suggests we avoid gluten and white potatoes, we can eat less starchy foods. However, as this rule is not fixed, you can avoid the error of completely avoiding energy foods which leads to low blood sugar. The result of this process affects brain power and the production of sex hormones.

Also, the diet is easy to follow and does not contain bogus claims. Thus, it is recommended for most individuals (with the consent of your physician).

Other benefits include an increase in nutrient intake and promoting the consumption of lean, healthy proteins.

Other Important Information about the Omni Diet

Cost: Since the diet consists of outdoor raised meat, freshly caught seafood, berries, and nuts, you may need to spend more money at your local store. Overall, looking at the benefits linked to this food plan, the cost is quite ideal.

For a detailed and cost-effective idea of how to purchase Omni Nutri Power Foods, you can buy the Omni Diet book for $20 to $30. This manual helps you follow the diet step while it offers related information and food recipes.

Assistance: This is quite vital as it keeps you track while monitoring your progress. You can find a lot of tips from Omni Diet Friendly websites and blogs.

Dietary Restrictions or Preferences for Vegetarian

When it comes to vegetarian, there are limitations. Although the Omni Diet provides for vegetarians, it focuses on lean animal protein sources such as eggs, fish, and poultry while limiting beans consumption. This means that it will be difficult for vegetarians as they have fewer food options to depend on nuts, seeds, and the restricted quantity of beans and legumes.

Substitute to Omni Diet?

This diet plan follows a comprehensive approach. As a result, other plans with same ideas will provide the same results. A complete diet heals the body with food, in most cases excellent quality, healthy and natural foods. It also removes meals that include foods which are processed, refined and full of chemicals. It supports balance and variety with these principles to boost strength and ensure better health.

With a holistic approach to nutrition, eating healthy helps create harmony between your physical, mental and spiritual welfare.

Alternatives such as Alkaline Way  offers similar benefits and results as the Omni Diet although it may be slightly different.

Bottom Line

Finally, if you want to lose weight and still stay healthier the Omni Diet is a great option for you. At earlier start, it might seem difficult to stick to Omni diet but it will benefit you. You just need to take the time to add healthier food choices and carry out exercise suggested by fitness professionals.

However, if you don’t find the Omni diet as a comfortable choice you could switch to the Alkaline Way or other alternative diets such as the PiYo Diet, Shibboleth Diet, Gracie Diet and ABC Diet.


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