Shibboleth Diet: What is it, what food you should eat & more

It’s a new year and new diet trends are everywhere. KETO is a trend that has really taken off over the past year or two. Intermittent fasting has also seen an incline in 2018 with its weight loss benefits.

What about diets you may have heard before? How about the Shibboleth Diet? Some people find difficulty with diets because they tend to be temporary. What most people need is a lifestyle change. We preach Living the Alkaline Way (click here for a free Alkaline Way Guide from Dr. Russell Jaffe), but there are many more quality lifestyle diets to follow that can stick depending on your personal preference.

Benefits of Shibboleth diet plan:

  • Anyone can follow this diet program whether they are busy, health enthusiast, vegan, because this diet is more like a lifestyle
  • You can easily burn your excess body fat
  • By following the shibboleth program step by step, you have a chance to reduce your weight in a healthy way
  • The best part of this shibboleth diet is that you don’t feel bound. This diet gives you the freedom to choose your meal

What is the Shibboleth diet?

Shibboleth Diet is more than just a weight loss diet — it’s a lifestyle you could live with in the long term. The Shibboleth Diet is a behavior modification program that helps each person on a day-to-day basis. Every day, as we strive to better ourselves, this diet makes it easier to follow through.

First, your aim should be clear. If you have an obesity problem, for example, and you want to shed some excess pounds then this diet can help you out from this problem. The best part of this diet is that the shibboleth diet is an easy and simple diet to follow.

Anyone can follow this diet program easily because the shibboleth diet sets a path according to your lifestyle no matter if you are vegetarian, a workout enthusiast, or have a busy lifestyle. These things don’t matter in this diet program.

What food should you eat in the Shibboleth diet?

As mentioned, this diet is combining lifestyle and behavior modifications. You can eat whatever you like to eat as long as it’s healthy and following the diet. Understanding the lifestyle is crucial for success with the Shibboleth Diet because thoughts lead to action and action leads to habits.

Say goodbye to junk food if you are following the Shibboleth Diet. There are many food recipes that you can eat during this diet program. Here we mention some food that you can add to your breakfast, lunch and dinner.


You can start you day with one cup of cereal with ½ cup of milk or you can eat fresh yogurt in the morning. Fresh yogurt gives you the energy that you want after a workout. Spinach and an omelette is also an amazing meal to start your day.


For lunch, you can eat tuna salad and shibboleth approved bread. For best results please use approved recipes or approved bread. The bread tastes like normal bread but is much healthier. This will help you to reduce your excess body fat.


Chicken and vegan salad is a good way to finish your day as a dinner option. Bell pepper and tuna salad is another option for a healthy dinner. You can add green vegetables salad as a side dish. Broccoli cheese stuffed chicken is a tempting recipe for any shibboleth diet follower to eat.

Exercises you should do in shibboleth diet plan:

First, you should make a habit of this lifestyle — it’s what you make of it. Nutrition plays a major role of any diet program because whenever you don’t take the right amount of nutrition, you will not get the proper result that you want. Some say 80% of the result of a new diet program comes from nutrition and the other 20% of your result will come from exercise.

This diet is no different. If you’re following the day-to-day process, consider adding more from a workout standpoint to get the most out of it.

Walking is the best exercise for beginners of the Shibboleth Diet. You should walk at least 9000 steps each day for the best result. If you are willing to burn your fat fast, considering walking more as this will be an ideal way to shed extra fat. You can do more intense exercises like sit ups, jump rope, cycling after walking, etc.

Is the shibboleth diet helpful for us for losing weight?

This diet could be ideal if you really want to lose weight by eating foods similar to Mediterranean Diet. If you are facing some body and health-related problems like chronic disease, obesity problems, etc., the shibboleth diet will help reduce all kinds of health concerns. This diet is really helpful for you to build a healthy eating pattern and also increase portion control which is a big factor in healthy weight loss.

Shibboleth Diet Cost:

The great part of following this healthy shibboleth diet is that it does not cost much. There are experts that will help you prepare everything according to the plan, if you decide to go that route. This means, you don’t need to worry about what you have to prepare every day. You just enjoy it and continue your daily activities just like before. Or, if you’re like most people, you can just make these foods yourself.

Freedom is the staple of this diet, and just like many diets (depending on personal preference and success), if you stick to it, you will find some success. Many have a hard time sticking with diets, but if you commit to a lifestyle change you will find a greater rate of success. Considering challenging yourself to a 21 day challenge — experts say that it takes 21 days to create a new lifestyle.

My trick to sticking with a schedule and routine is to take it in smaller doses. Try one week — you can do one week, right? Your body will thank yourself once the week concludes, and then maybe you push it out to another week or the 21 days to create the new lifestyle.

Looking for other diet plans? Consider the Alkaline Way lifestyle

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