BLTN Affiliate Program

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Earn more by partnering with Better Lab Tests Now, one of the fastest growing direct-access testing services in the country!

Better Lab Tests Now helps customers uncover the root of their illness by offering unparalleled testing using only the highest quality lab tests available while working exclusively with highly decorated labs that have been awarded in their field.

How does it work?

Earning money by being a part of the Better Lab Tests Now Affiliate Program is really easy! Affiliates will be given 20% of every referred sale to Every sale you refer will be captured in real-time and available for you to see in your  dashboard.

As an affiliate, the choice is yours on how you want to market the unique link(s) we provide. If you want an advertisement to be placed on your website, you can select from a variety of options in your affiliate dashboard. Alternatively, you can market the unique link(s) on your blog, social media, email lists, etc.

How much will you receive per sale?

You will receive 20% of every sale you refer to


You will receive payments through checks or PayPal. There may be a small fee if you choose to receive payments through PayPal.


Please note that at this time we are not able to sell tests to residents of New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Maryland due to individual state regulations prohibiting direct access testing. We hope this will change in the future and we can begin offering direct access testing to residents of these states.

How to become a BLTN Affiliate Partner

Do you have a health-related website or blog? If so, become an affiliate of Better Lab Tests Now by filling out this form.