BLTN Favorites

Februrary Favorites

4 Benefits of Dark Chocolate

It’s February: the month of Valentine’s Day and Heart Health.  Who doesn’t love a good chocolate gift?  The gift of dark chocolate will show how much you really care about your Valentine’s heart.

Let’s talk about chocolate. Once upon a time, chocolate was considered “the food of the gods”. For most of its 4,000-year history, it was used as a bitter drink, not the sweet treat that we’re all familiar with now. 

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Heart Chakra Yoga For Beginners

Heart Chakra Yoga For Beginners is a 24 min practice suitable for all levels! Open your mind and heart space, connect to the subtle energy of the body and tap into your spirit. This at home yoga session is great for the upper back and shoulders supporting posture, relieving neck pain.

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December Favorites

Holiday Zen with Unplug Meditation

In this video, you will learn how to approach the holiday table with more love.  Seek out the people you find most challenging and visualize them in a way that will literally rewire your brain for compassion. As you eat your holiday meal in real time you will never be able to look at them in the same way again – which is a good thing.

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No Equipment Low Impact Workout (No Repeat) || Wake Up Workout

Welcome to your no equipment low impact workout! This 10 min low impact morning workout will get in some gentle exercises to wake up your body in an organic way. If you’re traveling, this is a great 10 minute holiday workout since this full body session uses your bodyweight instead of equipment!

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Stress and depression can ruin your holidays and hurt your health. Being realistic, planning ahead and seeking support can help ward off stress and depression.

The holiday season often brings unwelcome guests — stress and depression. And it’s no wonder. The holidays often present a dizzying array of demands — cooking meals, shopping, baking, cleaning and entertaining, to name just a few.

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November Favorites

Standing Morning Workout (10 MIN) - Beginner Friendly

Roll out of bed and get ready for your day with this standing morning workout. All exercises make you feel great and wake your muscles up gently. You do not need any equipment, it’s SUPER beginner friendly and it’s ONLY 10 MINUTES so you can get on with your day!

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How to Make a Mini Mindfulness Garden By Mollie Johanson

In the middle of busy days and weeks, why not pause and take time to tend a mini mindfulness garden? Based on the idea of a Zen garden this DIY sand and rock project is easy to make, and a good way to slow down your mind. To add an element of fun and kawaii (a Japanese term that means cute), this garden uses pastel colors and some not-so-scary dinosaurs.

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How to Crochet for Beginners By Amy Solovay

The delicate art of crocheting is a lifelong skill that you’ll use to make beautiful gifts for others and items for your home and wardrobe. Start by learning a couple of basic stitches, and build on that with more advanced basic stitches. First, figure out what size and style hook feels most comfortable for you. Then, start with simple yarns and beginner patterns, and you’ll be a pro in no time.

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October Favorites

Alltrails: Hike, Bike & Run GPS Hiking & Biking Trail Maps App

AllTrails has the largest collection of detailed, hand-curated trail maps so you can hit the trail with confidence. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Fall Decluttering Tips from a professional organizer

Nature gives us a great cue in the fall: let go of what no longer serves you. The trees know to drop their leaves. The days get shorter, nights get longer, and we stay home more. This is the perfect time to turn our attention to our house — and do some fall decluttering.

We clear out the old to make room for the new, just as leaves fall in autumn so new ones can bloom in spring.

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Pumpkin Face Mask

Pumpkin helps deeply hydrate and plump the skin. Also, it provides antioxidant benefits and delivers amino acids and fruit enzymes to the skin.

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September Favorites

Yoga for neck, shoulders and upper back 15min

This is a beautiful short practice that will release tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back & will help you feel more ease and spaciousness in your body and mind. It is a fully accessible practice, suitable for absolute beginners, right through to the advanced practitioner. It can be done seated on the floor, or in a chair – perfect for a quick break in your office chair to release any tension built up working on your computer.

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30-Day Journaling Challenge

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Tips for Setting Healthy Boundaries

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August Favorites

Gratitude: A Mindful Pause

Gratitude: A Mindful Pause  a journal by Mira Dessy BFA, NE, BCHPP & Kerry McClure BS, RYT, NC, BCHN

We’re all too busy. Modern life has become so overwhelming and over-stimulating that we’re experiencing an epidemic of stress and depletion. Kerry and Mira offer a respite of calm that, from a small investment of just minutes a day, will restore balance in your mind, your relationships, your work, and your health.

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Morning Workout – 10 Minutes

Roll out of bed and get ready for your day with this standing morning workout. All exercises make you feel great and wake your muscles up gently. You do not need any equipment, its SUPER beginner friendly and its ONLY 10 MINUTES so you can get on with your day!

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Weekly Meal Planner

Planning can be necessary for people to get on a schedule, a routine with their health.

Use our weekly meal plan to help figure out what to have for breakfast, lunch & dinner every day this week!

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May Favorites

Self Care: 5-Minute Break - Office Yoga

Take a 5-minute break at your office desk to open up your body and mind. Our bodies get so stiff and tense sitting in a chair all day long.

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Self Care: Green Light Therapy

Sit four to six feet from the face of a Dichromatic Color green light for 20 minutes, twice a day. Ideally, this is done in the morning and early evening. A socket-clamp light holder can facilitate positioning of the lamp. You need not look directly at the light.

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April Favorites


  • 3 to 12 small branches of fresh or dried eucalyptus leaves
  • twine, ribbon, or string
  • a small, thin rubber band or hair tie (optional)
  • a scissor

Based on how full you wish your bouquet to be, you’ll want to use around 7 to 12 eucalyptus leaf branches, but you can do this with as few as 3 or 4.

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March Favorites

9 Essential Oils for Sleep & Anxiety with Feelings Chart

+ 6 Recipes for Roller Bottles & Diffusers

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Sleepy Tea Recipe

Everyone experiences an occasional sleepless night.

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30 min Bedtime Yoga For A Good Night's Rest

Get a good night’s rest with this 30 minute beginner yoga class for sleep.

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February Favorites

Insight App

#1 free app for sleep, anxiety and stress.

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Making professional counseling accessible, affordable, convenient – so anyone who struggles with life’s challenges can get help, anytime, anywhere.

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DIY Himmelli

Create your own himmeli home decorations with the help of some straws!

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Couch to 5K

Go from couch potato to running a 5K race in just 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week for 9 weeks.

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Kale Recipe

Kale! They put that stuff on everything.

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January Favorites

Daily Affirmations Printable by Mira Dessy is The Ingredient Guru

Affirmations are encouraging statements that we tell ourselves in order to spark change. More than just statements to make ourselves feel better, affirmations can have a significant impact on our overall quality of life. Daily affirmations can help change our mood, state of mind and manifest changes in our lives.

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Fitbit Deals

Fitbit get tool in starting the new year on a healthy track.

We really enjoy the reminder to get up and move during the work day.

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The Pantry Principle: how to read the label and understand what’s really in your food

By Mira Dessy NE

This book will help you take back control of your pantry and your food source.

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Food Mood Journal Printable

If you’re trying to lose weight, improve your health, or prevent disease, you must to take a closer look what you’re eating (and what you’re not). And there is no better way than keeping a food journal.

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SPARKPEOPLE: Calendar Challenges:

Get motivated to reach new goals, develop healthy habits and have fun along the way with SparkPeople’s official Challenges!
Click on one of our plans below for all the information you need to reach a new goal or make a personal breakthrough.

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