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Green Noise for Relaxed Sleep?

Dr. Jaffe discusses his thoughts on green noise. Watch now! Read about 8 Sleep Tips for a Long and Healthy Life here. Learn about what to eat and drink for a better night’s sleep and get other sleep tips here. Check out Dr. Jaffe’s webinar on Physiology Before Pharmacology for Restorative Sleep and Enhanced Mood.

Dr. Jaffe (DrJ) discusses avoiding seed oils and other ways to improve your omega-6 to omega-3 ratio. Watch Now! Watch Dr. Jaffe’s talk with Dr. Artemis Simopoulis, mentioned in this video.

Salmon and Vegetables En Papillote Recipe

Serves 4 “En papillote” means “enveloped in paper” in French. This delicious recipe bakes tender salmon fillets and delicately seasoned vegetables together in parchment paper packets to seal in moisture and flavor as they steam to perfection. This surefire crowd pleaser provides maximal flavor with minimal prep. Ingredients (organic/biodynamic) 4 skinless salmon fillets (about 6

Exploring the Fundamentals of Bone Health

Why is bone health important? From childhood through old age, bones play a fundamental role in supporting our bodies, protecting vital organs, and facilitating movement. As such, understanding bone health is crucial for making informed decisions about diet, lifestyle, and healthcare. Maintaining strong and healthy bones is vital for overall well-being and quality of life.

Spaghetti Squash Bolognese with Lentils

“Bolognese” is named after the town of Bologna, Italy where a meat-based Italian sauce originated. This vegan version uses lentils as the protein, and is served atop a guilt-free plate of spaghetti squash. Experience the delicious flavors of Italy without leaving home! Ingredients (organic/biodynamic) 1 spaghetti squash, halved and seeded 1 c. green or brown

Natural Approaches to Allergy Management

Pollen allergies are prevalent each Spring, and for those susceptible, it’s a time of coughing, sneezing and general misery. If you are one of the affected sufferers, there are some natural and holistic approaches that can help you avoid the cost and side effects of common pharmaceutical solutions. This article will investigate the nutritional and