Predictive Biomarkers FULL Panel (8)



This comprehensive panel includes essential biomarkers and the additional five elective biomarkers.  Combined, these tests cover all the major categories of human metabolism:

Essential Biomarkers:
1. hsHbA1c (high sensitivity hemoglobin, sugar/insulin) – blood spot, self collected
2. hsCRP (high sensitivity C reactive protein) – blood spot, self collected
3. Homocysteine – blood sample, collected at designated lab
4. LRA by ELISA/ACT (delayed hypersensitivities) – Basic panel – blood sample, to be collected by phlebotomist

Elective Biomarkers:
5. pH level – urine, self collected
6. Vitamin D – blood spot, self collected
7. Omega 3 Index by OmegaQuant  blood spot, self collected
8. DNA Oxidative Stress (8-hydroxy-2’-deoxyguanosine 8-OHdG) – urine sample, self collected (this is the test that Dr. Russell Jaffe refers to in his presentations as the 8 Oxoguanine)

(Each of these tests can also be purchased individually under the lab tests section.)