Blood Draw Options

Blood draw locations & phlebotomists do NOT have test kits. You must have a test kit prior to scheduling.

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Local blood draw services for adults & children 12 & up. ExamOne appointments are scheduled by contacting the toll-free number below. Please allow 2 full weeks for scheduling. Appointments cancelled less than 48 hours prior to blood draw will incur 100% of draw fee.

Phone: (888) 302-7652; indicate you “want to schedule an ELISA/ACT blood draw”

Fee: $60 for in-office draw.

Fee will be charged by ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies when specimen is received.

Please note: Blood draw locations will NOT have testing kits, you must have your testing kit

Not available for Clifford test


Mobile phlebotomy services to provide the best quality of care from certified phlebotomists. You may schedule an appointment with CT’s by contacting the number below. Please allow 2-3 days for scheduling.

Phone: (541) 890-0072
Fee: $50 + mileage ($0.45/mile) & will be charged at time of blood draw



Arc Point Labs

Third-party lab which administers “accurate, reliable, and confidential testing”. ARCpoint has processed specimens for over 18 years. You may schedule an appointment with ARCpoint by contacting ELISA/ACT at the number below.

Phone: (877) 894-8363 Fee: $40-$50, varies based on number of tubes drawn at time of service


Additional Blood Draw Options in California

* Please review the mandatory fasting and preparation instructions, including medication avoidance,
BEFORE scheduling your blood draw *
Blood draw locations & phlebotomists do NOT have test kits. You must have a test kit prior to
scheduling. The test kit must be picked up or dropped off for shipping
the same day as the blood draw (do not use a Drop Box or Access Point)


All Access Healthcare

  • Available in Northern California
  • All Access Healthcare mobile draw fee is $50 which they will charge directly
  • All Access Healthcare will take care of having your sample delivered to the lab

Phone: 888-341-9098


Hema lab

  • Orange County, Los Angeles County, and Riverside County areas
  • $40 – $50 blood draw fee. Hema Mobile Lab will charge directlyfor services

Phone: 800-641-0211


Other blood draw locations may be available. Contact us to hear more options.



Important Message to Our Customers

The blood draw companies we work with are essential and are still drawing blood.

They are safe and convenient. Click here for blood draw options.