Predictive Biomarkers

These eight tests measure the major causes of suffering and early death.  When compared to healthy goal values, results of these eight independent, primary, predictive tests are effective forecasters of individual health risk or resilience. You can function years – or even decades – younger than your birth age just by bringing (or keeping) each of these biomarkers at their predictive (healthy) goal value.

  • Hgb A1c (hemoglobin, sugar/insulin) – full blood draw
  • hsCRP (high sensitivity C reactive protein) – full blood draw
  • Homocysteine – full blood draw
  • LRA by ELISA/ACT (delayed hypersensitivities) Basic panel – full blood draw
  • pH level – self test/urine
  • Vitamin D – full blood draw
  • Omega 3 Index by OmegaQuant – full blood draw
  • DNA Oxidative Stress (8-hydroxy-2’-deoxyguanosine 8-OHdG) – urine test (this is the test that Dr. Russell Jaffe refers to in his presentations as the 8 Oxoguanine)