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  • Self Assessment Tests

    1st Morning Urine pH Kit


    The internal environment of your body is maintained at a pH between 6.5 – 7.5, which is alkaline. For necessary cell reactions and functions to occur, our body must maintain this appropriate pH. While your body can regulate pH, there is a limit to how much it can neutralize. Excess acids can accumulate from one or more of the following conditions:


    1. Acid-forming diet
    2. Distress
    3. Toxins (or their metabolites)
    4. Immune reactions 5. Anti-oxidant sufficiency / oxidative stress.


    Test your pH level with this First morning pH test kit that you can complete at home.  Test kit includes test strips for 15 measurements and instructions.

  • Nutritional and Environmental Analysis

    Digestive Transit Time


    Transit time is the interval between consumption and elimination, between food ingestion and excretion of digested waste. Transit times outside of the healthy range of 12-18 hours can interfere with proper assimilation and metabolism of nutrients, leading to chronic health conditions.


    Kit includes:

    • 20 charcoal capsules
    • Easy to follow instructions & Interpretation guide
    • Tips for achieving a healthy digestive transit time