Take the Omega-3 Home Blood Test. It’s Easy

Steve Lankford from the Health Quest Podcast interviewed Dr. Russell Jaffe. The following story is from Health Quest Podcast’s website.

I am very fond of this blood test. My wife and I have each tested several times. It is my personal opinion that the omega-3/6 balance is critical to understanding and normalizing inflammation. If you don’t get your omega fats in balance your inflammation is not likely to resolve.

This test is much more than just a test to measure omega-3/6 ratio. It will give you a glimpse into your total omega fatty acid profile. It will also provide you with several important benchmarks against which you can compare and evaluate your cardiac risk and inflammatory balance.

When you take the test for the first time you are taking a snapshot in time of your fatty acid profile. Your results will lead to your next step. If you are low, you need to increase your intake of omega-3. You will also want to decrease your consumption of omega-6. Omega-6 are pro-inflammatory and Americans have way too much omega-6 relative to omega-3. This imbalance makes it very difficult for the body to repair. You should listen to my previous interview with Dr. Jaffe discussing inflammation as a repair deficit. This test is critical if you have cardiac risk or any inflammatory condition.

In this interview, Dr. Jaffe will discuss the issues and challenges with getting adquate omega-3 in our diet and maintaining a healthy omega-3/6 balance. Your omega fatty acid profile is an important predictive biomarker. What is your status and how do you know if your level is optimal? It is the Omega-3 Home Blood Spot test. This is the only way I know. Do the test once and see what your status is. Let the results and your health concerns determine your course of action.

Some of the questions we will discuss are these:

  • What are the benefits of omega-3 (EPA/DHA)?
  • What are the dosage ranges we should consider?
  • Are all omega-3 supplements equally good?
  • Can you take omega-3 if you are on blood thinning medications?
  • Where can I get the Omega-3 Home Blood Test?
  • What is the target blood level percentage for omega-3?

Dr. Jaffe has made it possible for the average consumer to have access to 21st century knowledge AND 21st century health care. This is a movement whose time has come. We now understand the benefits of nutrition in a scientific way as never before. We have experts like Dr. Jaffe who help lead us all forward. We know the body can repair and heal, given the right conditions. So this knowledge gives people a reason for hope and optimism and reveals a path forward which so many people are desperate for. These eight predictive biomarkers are important tools that help us understand our risk and then target our solutions to our specific needs.

Listen to the podcast here — Take the Omega-3 Home Blood Test. It’s easy.