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The cost of developing new medicines is more than you think

Have you ever wondered to yourself the cost of developing new medicines? With one in 5,000 medicines actually making it to the market, it takes a lot of resources to be the one that finds its way to the public. When it comes to pharmaceutical companies, two general accusations arise: companies charge too much for

Multivitamins help boost brain power

We hear it all the time – you should be taking multivitamins daily! Some of us listen, some of us turn the other cheek. However, maybe this piece of information from the Korea Times will shed some light on this subject. Multivitamins containing water soluble vitamins including vitamin B and C can contribute to boosting

Only 2.7% of US Adults Live a “Healthy” Lifestyle

Health in the United States is a major concern, no matter what age you may be. Child obesity is running rampant through the states, and the adults aren’t exactly sending the best message to the youth with their eating habits either. In fact, they are just as obese if not more. Part of the issue

More Evidence Links Vitamin D to Arthritis Risk

There is new research that supports extensive links between vitamin D levels and risk of developing a chronic inflammatory rheumatic disease, like arthritis, for example. According to a study done by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Health Prevention, about one out of every five US adults has doctor-diagnosed arthritis. This includes more than 100

Higher Dementia Risk Connected to Heartburn Medications

The number of potential side effects from the use of proton-pump inhibiting drugs to control heartburn continues to increase, with new research in Germany linking them to the development of dementia, according to UPI Health News. This new study links the heavily used PPIs which include Nexium, Prevacid and Prilosec to an increased risk for

Brain recognition and memory related to past experiences

The University of Geulph has conducted new research on the brain and memory that could help in creating therapies for those with schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s Disease, according to Medical News Today. Boyer Winters, a psychology professor the university, and his talented research team recently published their findings to the Journal of Neuroscience. How the brain